Gingko Audio/Danacable at AXPONA 2018

Gingko Audio and Danacable at AXPONA 2018

On April 13-15, Gingko Audio and Danacable will be at AXPONA, in Room 1524, at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. We are partnering with Triode Labs of Japan, Denafrips DAC of China, and Wells Audio of California. We will showcase the world premiere of the full line of Denafrips R2R DACs in a real-time simultaneous comparison of the Denafrips DACs, every hour on the hour. Come and see this unique unveiling of one of the best DACs in the world at down-to-earth price levels.

Gingko Audio ARCH at Fall 2017 Audio Shows

Gingko Audio ARCH at Fall 2017 Audio Shows

Gingko Audio will be showing the new Mini-ARCH and Super-ARCH at several upcoming audio shows:

  • Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado, on October 6-8, room 2003.
  • TAVES in Toronto, Canada, on October 13-15, booth M13.
  • Capital Audiofest in Rockville, Maryland, on November 3-5, Monroe room.

Gingko at LA Audio Show 2017

Gingko Demos at LA Audio Show 2017

Gingko Audio and Danacable will be in Room 416 at the LA Audio Show with Aurum Cantus speakers and Wells Audio’s Majestic amplifier. We also will be in the HeadGear Room with the now famous Danacable and Gingko ARCH demos.

Gingko Audio at AXPONA 2017

ARCH Debut at AXPONA 2017

Gingko Audio will again team up with Salk Sound, Wells Audio, and Danacable at the AXPONA Show in April in Chicago. We also welcome new partners Exogal and Bybee Technologies.

We will unveil the new patent-pending ARCH Acoustic Resolution Clarifier at AXPONA. Read about the ARCH Technology and how it works.

Gingko Audio at AXPONA 2016

Salk Sound, Wells Audio, Luminous Audio, Gingko Audio, and Danacable team up for AXPONA 2016.

We will showcase the world premieres of several products, in three different rooms.

Director’s B Room on Lower Level:

  • World premiere of Salk StreamPlayer Generation III (MSRP $1,695), headless, fanless Roon-ready Linux-based music server (features updated Roon version 1.2 due to be released just prior to AXPONA).
  • VPI Prime turntable with 3D arm ($4,000) and Soundsmith Hyperion cartridge ($7,500) feeding Luminous Audio Arion phono preamp ($6,795).
  • Salk Exotica 3s speaker system ($12,995) driven by Wells Audio Innamorata Signature amplifier ($15,000).
  • Gingko Audio and Danacable products throughout.
  • World Premiere of Salk PowerPlay monitors ($2,295), fully active monitors with built-in DAC, preamp and amps, featuring three switchable inputs (analog, coaxial S/PDIF, and USB) with remote control of inputs and volume.

Sherman Room on Lower Level:

  • World premiere of Wells Audio Majestic integrated amplifier ($3,499).
  • World premiere of Salk yet-to-be-named 3-way speaker system ($2,895).
  • World premiere of Salk StreamPlayer Generation II Mini in a smaller case and lower-power processor ($1,195).
  • Lampizator Amber PCM/DSD DAC ($2200).

This system is wired up with Danacables ($3,780). We are offering a complete system (Majestic, Salk 3-way, Lampizator Amber DAC, and Danacables) for a show special price of $9,899 (20% off MSRP of $12,374).

EarGear Expo on Lobby Level:

  • World premiere of Wells Audio Milo headphones amplifier ($1,499).
  • Danacable headphones cables.

We will show a direct comparison of Danacables versus stock cables for Hifiman, Enigma Acoustic, and other headphones.

Please contact Vinh Vu at if you want to schedule a private session in any of our rooms.