Super-ARCH 1


Patented Acoustic Resonance Clarifier™ for speakers and amplifiers weighing up to 120 lbs. Each Super-ARCH 1 piece can support a maximum load of 30 lbs. The Super-ARCH 1 models are sold in sets of 8 pieces.

Product Reviews

On a fundamental level where judiciously employed, the Acoustic Resonance Clarifiers could make marked enhancements in the enunciation of information in the critical lower mid through upper octaves of an electronic component or loudspeaker. Such results require patience and come with a proviso.

The first impression was an increase in clarity and low level information. The proverbial lifting of veils happened producing images more three dimensional and lifelike.

The first thing you notice with the ARCHs is a big improvement to overall transparency and clarity. That alone is worth the price of admission. I also heard an expanded soundstage, improved imaging, incredible separation/layering, and a blacker background.