2016 Snapshots


Danacable again teamed up with Audiophile-Direct and Wells Audio to rave reviews by Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile and Home Theater Shack. We also conducted an A/B demo comparing stock cables for headphones and Danacable Lazulis. This demo marked the world premiere of the DanaTone™ Head-Space headphones amplifier and the Lazuli Reference cable, both of which garnered kudos from Steven Rochlin and Dave Hanson of Enjoy the Music.

From Capital Audiofest

As captured by AV Showrooms, we conducted an A/B cable demo that compared stock cables for headphones vs. Danacable Lazulis.

From T.H.E Show Newport

We provided Danacables to a showcase of Aurum Cantus speakers that also included our usual partner, Wells Audio. The showcase garnered a High-End Audio Best Value from Enjoy the Music: “My listening notes say the music sounded very smooth and all day listenable. It is the type of sound you can sit back, relax and bask within the lovingly transparent highs and soothing deep bass as the midrange washes over your soul. Deeee-lish! And considering the very reasonable price of the powerful Wells Audio Majestic integrated amplifier, excellent quality Melody M-102SE three-way floorstanding tower speakers and superb Dana Cables… this is a great combo!”

Steve Lefkowicz of Positive Feedback wrote: “This room was sounding rich, full, powerful and just generally beautiful.”


The combo of Salk Song 3 speakers (a world premiere), Wells Audio Majestic integrated amp (also a world premiere), Danacables, and Lampizator DAC was mentioned as a one of the “lower-priced standouts” by Jason Victor Serinus in his AXPONA’s Successful Close post on Stereophile. The combo’s sound was well received:

  • From Enjoy the Music: “Wells Audio and DanaCables joined forces at AXPONA 2016, with an AXPONA premiere of the Wells Audio Majestic ($3499) playing sweet music to my ears.”
  • From Jason Victor Serinus at Stereophile: “… my Best Buy system for Day 1 of the show. The sound was extremely clear, smooth, and lovely. Not only was it closer to neutral than many systems I encountered on day 1, but it was also amazingly communicative.”
  • From Mr. Eric Neff at Hi-Fi+: “The sound was effortless and engaging even though the new Salk speakers had exactly 2 hours of break in when I sat down. This was a truly high value room!”
  • From John Stancavage at Part-Time Audiophile: “Indeed, for the money it would be hard to improve on the sound offered. The system especially excelled at soundstaging and high frequency air, while the midrange also was well-integrated.”