Gingko Audio Introduces New ARCH Products

Built on the patented ARCH design and made of layers of maple, the new ARCH products offer a number of improvements over the previous product line.

  • The smooth-layered maple material has superior vibration control performance and is conducive to high-quality finishes.
  • The larger curvature yields a lower profile while extending the weight loading range.
  • The new ARCH can support all audio equipment and speakers weighing more than 15 lbs: The design allows for two ARCHs to be stacked to support heavier components, thus eliminating the need for multiple sizes. Lighter equipment and speakers (under 15 lbs.) can continue to use the Mini-ARCH.

For speakers, the new Speaker ARCH is available at $199 for a set of four in a standard black finish. The product comes with stainless steel M6 bolts, washers, and nuts for convenient replacement of M6 spikes under speakers. Contact us at for custom sizes of speaker spike threads.

For other audio components, the new Equipment ARCH is available in a standard black finish at $169 for a set of four.

Special finishes (mahogany, cherry, natural, white) are available for an additional $30 for a set of four and require a 3-week lead time.