Cloud22 Wool Ball Promotion for Cloud Platform Owners

The new Cloud22 wool balls are direct replacements for the classic Cloud rubber balls. Just like the rubber balls, each Cloud22 wool ball has an optimum load of 10 Lbs.

The Cloud22 balls bring out the magical mid-range sound in your Cloud platform and provide more platform stability. As noted in our white paper on the performance of Cloud22 bases, “when compressed under load, the wool fibers turn vibration energy into heat. The inert structure and composition of wool do not have a natural resonance that can add spurious vibration and smear the sound. The background noise across the audio band is greatly reduced. A lower noise floor helps to separate individual parts of the recording. Listening tests indicate a more expansive and pinpointed soundstage. The music is livelier, with more dynamics in the mid-range, tighter bass, and extension in the top frequencies. The clarity in the music makes lyrics on some recordings more discernable.”

Until September 30, 2023, use the discount code cloudowner at check out when you buy the wool balls and get a special price of $4 per ball (MSRP is $7 each), plus Fedex 2-day shipping for a flat rate of $15 in continental USA. Check with us by emailing for international shipping costs.