ARCH Technology

The unique shape of the patented ARCH Acoustic Resonance Clarifier™ and its material construction make it an effective vibration control base for speakers and heavy audio components.

Constrained-Layer Construction with Inert Material

The ARCH is constructed from a lossy material that dissipates vibration across the audio frequency spectrum. The material is seal-coated with polyurethane to make it resistant to moisture and strengthen its rigidity under heavy speakers and audio components. It provides a stable and sturdy base for the speaker cabinet and the drivers mounted on the cabinet thus resulting in a clearer and more transparent sound.

Unique Curved Shape

The ARCH design is a curved shape with two ends that rest on the floor at an angle, thus minimizing transferred energy from the cabinet to the ground. In addition, the ARCH flexes under the weight of the speaker as the latter vibrates, further reducing the transferred energy.

Technical Drawing of ARCH
Technical Drawing of ARCH

ARCH Finishes

The ARCH is finished in black (standard), white, natural, cherry, and mahogany, and seal-coated in polyurethane.

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