Gingko Audio at AXPONA 2016

Salk Sound, Wells Audio, Luminous Audio, Gingko Audio, and Danacable team up for AXPONA 2016.

We will showcase the world premieres of several products, in three different rooms.

Director’s B Room on Lower Level:

  • World premiere of Salk StreamPlayer Generation III (MSRP $1,695), headless, fanless Roon-ready Linux-based music server (features updated Roon version 1.2 due to be released just prior to AXPONA).
  • VPI Prime turntable with 3D arm ($4,000) and Soundsmith Hyperion cartridge ($7,500) feeding Luminous Audio Arion phono preamp ($6,795).
  • Salk Exotica 3s speaker system ($12,995) driven by Wells Audio Innamorata Signature amplifier ($15,000).
  • Gingko Audio and Danacable products throughout.
  • World Premiere of Salk PowerPlay monitors ($2,295), fully active monitors with built-in DAC, preamp and amps, featuring three switchable inputs (analog, coaxial S/PDIF, and USB) with remote control of inputs and volume.

Sherman Room on Lower Level:

  • World premiere of Wells Audio Majestic integrated amplifier ($3,499).
  • World premiere of Salk yet-to-be-named 3-way speaker system ($2,895).
  • World premiere of Salk StreamPlayer Generation II Mini in a smaller case and lower-power processor ($1,195).
  • Lampizator Amber PCM/DSD DAC ($2200).

This system is wired up with Danacables ($3,780). We are offering a complete system (Majestic, Salk 3-way, Lampizator Amber DAC, and Danacables) for a show special price of $9,899 (20% off MSRP of $12,374).

EarGear Expo on Lobby Level:

  • World premiere of Wells Audio Milo headphones amplifier ($1,499).
  • Danacable headphones cables.

We will show a direct comparison of Danacables versus stock cables for Hifiman, Enigma Acoustic, and other headphones.

Please contact Vinh Vu at if you want to schedule a private session in any of our rooms.

So Which Cloud™ Is Right For You?

Which Cloud Is the Right One For You?

So you’ve read all about Gingko Audio’s vibration control products – from the inexpensive Mini-Clouds to the Cloud 14A that is designed specifically for lighter components to the Platformula™ rack. This simple guide will help you pick the right Cloud™ for your application.

Each Gingko Audio vibration control product has a bottom plate with dimples on it to hold the balls. The balls provide suspension to support a load. Adding more balls creates stiffer suspension, while removing balls results in softer suspension. A stiffer suspension will make the music punchier, with more dynamics, while a softer suspension will make the music fuller, with more body. You can tune the music to your taste by adding or removing balls from the Cloud™ base. You will need a minimum of three balls to support a component. Each ball is designed to support an optimal weight of 10 lbs and a maximum weight of 20 lbs.

The number of dimples on the bottom plate vary across the Cloud™ Series. The Mini-Clouds come as sets of three bases with individual dimples. The Semi-Cloud has 9 dimples so it can hold a maximum of 9 balls for an optimal load of 90 lbs. The Cloud 10 has 15 dimples. The Cloud 11 has 10 dimples inside larger wells to prevent the balls from rolling off the dimples. Besides the suspended Cloud supporting the plinth, the Cloud 12 has a separate fixed platform to hold the motor pod to prevent the vibration from the motor to transfer to the main turntable.

Accolades Galore in 2015 and 2014

In the last 12 months, we have garnered many accolades, including several Best of Shows votes as well as Audio Oasis Awards:

Gingko Audio Awarded Patent for Cloud Vibration Control Platform

Patent for Cloud Vibration Control Platform

Gingko Audio is proud to announce that we have been awarded a US Patent number 7743882-B2 for our Cloud Vibration Control Platform. The patent is awarded on June 29, 2010 by the US Patent and Trademark Office in Washington DC. The Abstract of the Patent states:

A vibration-control platform that, in some embodiments, includes a bottom plate having three or more wells. The wells receive a plurality of vibration-control elements, which are used to isolate a supported object from vibrations. In some embodiments, the vibration-control elements are rubber balls. The presence of the wells facilitates placement of the vibration-control elements under a top platform or directly under an object, especially when the object is located in a tight space, such as in a component rack, or when the object has a non-uniform weight distribution.

The patent shows an embodiment of the Platformula™ technology in the Cloud vibration control platform design. Since its introduction in 2004, the Cloud platform has garnered many awards and rave reviews. We have demonstrated its efficacy at many audio shows where an overwhelming majority of the showgoers agreed that they hear a significant and consistent improvement in the sound with the use of the Cloud under audio components. We have sold thousands of Clouds to happy customers worldwide.