Medium Cloud 10


One of the three standard sizes in the Cloud 10™ series, the Medium model comes with seven balls. The Medium model supports the VPI Aries turntable, while the VPI TNT and HRX require the Jumbo model. Available in clear or black finish.


The Cloud 10™ vibration control platform is the only model in the Cloud series that is available in both a clear finish and a black finish.

The bottom plate of the Cloud 10™ has fifteen dimples, which gives users flexibility in positioning the balls to balance the load. It also accommodates other sizes of rubber balls, such as racquetballs, so users can experiment to find an optimal configuration that suits their taste.

As supplied, the Cloud 10™ removes 98% of the vibration from 5 Hz to 500 Hz and has a resonant frequency of around 17 Hz.

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 18 × 2.5 in
Acrylic finish


Product Reviews

…the Gingko units are quite effective at allowing the component to do its thing with minimal outside interference from vibrations and alien probes.

The Could 10 should be recognized for its novel technology, affordability, and range of applications.”

The idea, which you’ve probably envisioned by now, is that the balls allow the Cloud 10 to shrug off airborne and structural vibrations in virtually any direction—vertical, lateral, rotational—whereas spikes, squishy feet, and springs are much more limited in the ways they can move. That the low-mass Cloud 10 also tends not to store energy puts it at an even greater advantage over its comparatively ox-like competitors.

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