Cloud 11 for VPI Classic


One of the two non-standard sizes in the Cloud 11™ series, the “Classic” model is designed to fit the VPI Classic turntable.


The Cloud 11™ vibration control platform offers the best performance of the Cloud series with some added features over the Cloud 10™ model:

  • Its bottom plate has deeper wells to provide an added level of safety in use. The balls stay in the wells, resting squarely on the dimples.
  • The top plate accommodates components with larger footprints. It features a thicker skirt that makes the platform more rigid to withstand heavier components and minimize deformation.
  • The extra thickness of the bottom plate and the top plate skirt improve vibration reduction performance to an average of 99% of the vibration from 5 Hz to 500 Hz, with a resonant frequency of around 13 Hz.

Additional information

Dimensions 22.25 × 17.25 × 2.5 in
Acrylic finish

Product Reviews

Unlike most cones and footers I’ve tried, the Cloud 11 did not highlight portions of the frequency spectrum. Instead, I noticed a quieter aural canvas where instruments and voices emerged from a blacker backdrop with greater focus and definition. Bass was tighter and music had a slightly more dynamic snap to it. The upper midrange and highs were also sweeter, with less sibilance and glare.

I immediately noticed that the bass was better. ALL OVER better. Firmer, deeper, tighter — the whole nine yards. And I could play the LP VERY loudly with no problems at all.