Regular Cloud 11


One of the three standard sizes in the Cloud 11™ series, the Regular model comes with five balls to carry an optimal load of around 50 lbs. Users can subtract balls for lighter loads and add balls for heavier loads.


The Cloud 11™ vibration control platform offers the best performance of the Cloud series with some added features over the Cloud 10™ model:

  • Its bottom plate has deeper wells to provide an added level of safety in use. The balls stay in the wells, resting squarely on the dimples.
  • With a regular size of 18 inches by 16 inches, the top plate accommodates components with larger footprints. It features a thicker skirt that makes the platform more rigid to withstand heavier components and minimize deformation.
  • The extra thickness of the bottom plate and the top plate skirt improve vibration reduction performance to an average of 99% of the vibration from 5 Hz to 500 Hz, with a resonant frequency of around 13 Hz.

Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 16 × 2.5 in
Acrylic finish

Product Reviews

If you own a turntable you owe it to yourself to try this superb product at an honest price. The music emerges from a cleaner background, the overall presentation is livelier, the soundstage larger and more detailed. Individual instruments and voices now contain missing detail.

Rather than expanding the soundstage, the Gingko cleans things up without changing the size of the performance. This allows the background to seem blacker, images to float a little more, and dynamic nuances to be more easily conveyed.