Cloud 12S


Cloud 12™ Series model designed for the VPI Super Scoutmaster turntable. Note: If you have a Rim Drive, we recommend the one-piece Medium Cloud 11, as the Rim Drive will push against the suspended plinth platform of the Cloud 12S, making it move sideways.


The Cloud 12™ vibration control platform inherits features from the popular Cloud 11™ series, such as the extra thickness of the plates, but introduces a two-piece design with an auxiliary platform for the turntable motor. This auxiliary platform further isolates motor noise from the plinth.

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 18 × 2.5 in
Acrylic finish

Product Reviews

Better channel separation, smoother sound with less pitch variance, quieter background. All of those things possible with the cloud system. No matter what setup you have, be it entry level (we all had to start somewhere!) or HIGH END, this cloud system is a worthwhile investment.

All told, the Gingko is an incredible value for $600, offering an upgrade in performance that’s more commensurate with a component change than an accessory. In addition to the specific improvements noted above, Cloud 11 added a degree of refine-ment to Super Scoutmaster. This is an essential accessory that performed so well in this application that I may seek out some other Gingko products for use with my own components.