Equipment and Speaker ARCH


Based on the patented Acoustic Resonance Clarifier™ design, the Equipment and Speaker ARCH is made of high-quality layered maple material that offers superior vibration control performance. The larger curvature yields a lower profile while extending the weight loading range.



The Equipment ARCH comes in two sizes:

  • 1/2″ thick to support a load of up to 25 lbs. per ARCH.
  • 5/8″ thick for a load of up to 50 lbs. per ARCH.

The 1/2″ thick Equipment ARCH is available in a standard black finish at $159 for a set of four; the 5/8″ thick set is available at $179.

With the additional M6 hardware (available at $20), these Equipment ARCH models can also be used under speakers with M6 spikes. Contact us at if your speakers have spikes of a different size.

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Product Reviews

These days, more than ever, I look for a price-to-performance ratio that makes sense for this economically challenging time, and the ARCHs fit right in with my philosophy […] Using ARCHs designed for components, speakers, and cables allowed my system to sing at a higher level when they were used collectively vs. individually.

This room tuning kit is a must for anyone wanting to really hear their systems. The differences were enormous and well worth the money.