Equipment ARCH


Based on the patented Acoustic Resonance Clarifier™ design, the Equipment ARCH is made of high-quality layered maple material that offers superior vibration control performance.



The Equipment ARCH has the following characteristics:

  • The layered maple material has superior vibration control performance and is conducive to high-quality finishes.
  • The larger curvature yields a lower profile while extending the weight loading range.
  • The design allows for two ARCHs to be stacked to support heavier components (more than 15 lbs.).

The Equipment ARCH is available in a standard black finish at $169 for a set of four. Special finishes (mahogany, cherry, natural, white) are also available for an additional $30 for a set of four and require a 3-week lead time.

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ARCH Finish

Black, Mahogany, Cherry, Natural, White

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