Equipment and Speaker ARCH


Based on the patented Acoustic Resonance Clarifier™ design, the Equipment and Speaker ARCH is made of high-quality layered maple material that offers superior vibration control performance. The two options of thicknesses and diameters offer more optimal load bearing based on the component’s weight.



The Equipment ARCH comes in four sizes:

  • 1/2″ thick and 9.5″ diameter to support a load of up to 15 lbs. per ARCH.
  • 1/2″ thick and 7″ diameter to support a load of up to 25 lbs. per ARCH.
  • 5/8″ thick and 9.5″ diameter to support a load of up to 50 lbs. per ARCH.
  • 5/8″ thick and 7″ diameter to support a load of up to 100 lbs. per ARCH.

The 1/2″ thick Equipment ARCH is available in a standard black finish at $159 for a set of four; the 5/8″ thick set is available at $179.

With the additional M6 hardware (available at $30), these Equipment ARCH models can also be used under speakers with M6 spikes. Contact us at if your speakers have spikes of a different size.

Additional information

ARCH finish


ARCH diameter

7-inch, 9.5-inch

Product Reviews

These days, more than ever, I look for a price-to-performance ratio that makes sense for this economically challenging time, and the ARCHs fit right in with my philosophy […] Using ARCHs designed for components, speakers, and cables allowed my system to sing at a higher level when they were used collectively vs. individually.

This room tuning kit is a must for anyone wanting to really hear their systems. The differences were enormous and well worth the money.

I liked the Gingko Audio products a lot. They worked very well in my system. Both individually and collectively. They also worked well regardless of the build quality of the components. They are affordable, relatively easy to install, and are built to a high standard. As each product was installed we heard a definite sonic improvement to one degree or another. Similarly, as we took them out one by one, the sonic effects worked in the opposite way.