Medium Acrylic Cloud22 Base


Cloud22 solution for audio and source components weighing less than 60 lbs. (each Medium Acrylic Cloud22 Base can support up to 15 lbs.). Sold in sets of four (price shown is per set). The acrylic base provides a high resolution, more dynamic sound compared to the wood base.

Product Reviews

Both the Cloud22 bases and the Cloud22 wool balls allow the midrange to shine through like nothing I’ve heard before, and make you want to dance. Gingko has some real champs on their hands here, and I recommend that you audition any or all of the products in this review.

This room tuning kit is a must for anyone wanting to really hear their systems. The differences were enormous and well worth the money.

I liked the Gingko Audio products a lot. They worked very well in my system. Both individually and collectively. They also worked well regardless of the build quality of the components. They are affordable, relatively easy to install, and are built to a high standard. As each product was installed we heard a definite sonic improvement to one degree or another. Similarly, as we took them out one by one, the sonic effects worked in the opposite way.