Show Reports 2015-2023

2023 Capital Audiofest

Gingko Audio’s ARCHs were used under Convergent Audio Technology tube amplifiers and Magico speakers, as seen in show reports by What’s Best Forum, the Capital Audio Fest 2023 Video Tour (at the 3:40 mark) and Capital Audio Fest 2023 First Day Impressions (at the 0:45 mark).


Gingko Audio and Danacable were covered in Gary Alan Barker’s report on AXPONA 2023 for

Danacable’s headphone demo was included (at 25:55) in a video report by Thomas Tan of Thomas & Stereo. Vinh Vu was also interviewed by Thomas Tan (at 17:28) about CSS Audio’s Typhon speakers (paired with a Galion tube amp).

Gingko Audio’s VCS demo was included (at 16:11) in the video report by Michael Fremer of The Tracking Angle. The VCS demo was also covered by Rudy Radelic of Copper Magazine. 

2022 Capital Audiofest

Coverage of Gingko Audio and Danacable included Ken Micallef’s post for Stereophile, Capital Audiofest 2022: A Fantastic Show, and Harris Fogel’s post for Copper Magazine, Capital Audiofest 2022: Up Close and Personal, Part One.

As reported by Rick Becker of Enjoy The Music, Gingko Audio’s ARCHs were used in one of the “Best of Show” rooms with Convergence Audio Technologies and Magico.

Rick Becker said: “Vinh Vu and I go back a decade or more. I helped him out a bit with some testing of his ARCH vibration-absorbing footers, early in their development. I spotted them under Ken Stevens’ monster CAT monoblocks and his Magico speakers so I guess that’s as good an endorsement as any. Vinh had set up a demonstration of his products using a sensor on a turntable platter and a microphone isolated on the table. The turntable was likely mounted on one of his Cloud 10 Isolation Platforms. The results on the monitor showed a clear reduction (no red) on the left from just the ambient noise in the room as well as from more physical assault of the table below the turntable by tapping on it. Hearing is believing, but the video display was very convincing, too.”

Florida Audio Expo 2020

As covered by Steve Rochlin of Enjoy The Music here (and also here), Gingko Audio and Danacable were at the inaugural Florida Audio Expo: “It’s always a very good day when I meet-up Vinh Vu during a show. There’s always a smile on his face and good music playing too! During the Florida Audio Expo 2020 Vinh was going mainly head-fi with an abundance of stereo headphones, plus of course his line of DanaCables and Ginko Audio speakers and tweaks. Sennheiser’s incredible HDV 820 digital headphone amplifier provided plenty of drive for virtually and set of cans. Of course all headphone cables were, as you guessed it, by DanaCables.”

Capital Audiofest 2019

Gingko Audio introduced the Sextet Modular Speaker Systems to rave report by Greg Weaver of Enjoy The Music: “This was a masterful demo; one that clearly demonstrated why you need the extension provided by a full range speaker or a well-mated satellite/subwoofer system.”

Larryi proclaimed on Steve Hoffman Forum: “There were two rooms running Ginko speakers and both systems were very good sounding. One was a $10,000 system running in one of the big rooms which sounded beautifully balanced, natural, and relaxed, without sounding lifeless. The small stand-mounted speaker in another room (I think it was $3,000) sounded very good too-very well balanced and natural sounding.”

Rusty Jefferson said on Audio Circle: “Gingko Audio had for me, the most realistic soundstage with their Sextet speakers that include 2 monitor speakers and 4 subs in a swarm arrangement. Excellent imaging, and the bass was spot on.”


As shown in Ron Nagle’s photo coverage on Enjoy The Music, Gingko Audio and Danacable partnered with Salk Sound, Wells Audio, and Lampizator DAC, to rave reviews by the audio press. Here are a few samples:

Capital Audiofest 2018

Gingko Audio and Danacable showcased a system that garnered a Best of Show from Kemper Holt of AVShowrooms (at 9:33 mark on youtube video).

RMAF 2018

As noted on Stereophile and the Audio Beatnik, Gingko Audio put together an under-5K room on behalf of RMAF’s show organizers that consisted of Salk speakers, a Peachtree amp, a VPI turntable, Danacables, and Gingko vibration control products.


Gingko Audio showed a live demo where all four models of Denafrips DACs were presented in a system with Triode Corp 300B monoblocks, Wells Audio Commander preamp, and Danacables (see a photo coverage of the setup on Audio Federation, and a pre-show introduction on youtube by Vinh Vu and Norm Ginsburg). A pre- and post-show discussion of the demo can also be found on Audiogon.

Jay Luong of Audio Bacon awarded the demo a Best of Show: “One of the rare chances to listen to an entire line of DACs in the same room.” Jay also deemed Gingko Audio’s ARCHs “The most versatile isolation platforms available.”

From Herb Reichert of Stereophile: “I always enjoy visiting Vinh Vu, president of Gingko Audio and Danacable. He plays music I like, always gets good sound, and helps me understand the sometimes-unusual lineup of products he demonstrates. This year was no exception.”

From Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile: “Gingko Audio system continued the trend of fine albeit warm sound … I heard a lively top and all-pervasive warmth.”

Also at AXPONA 2018, Danacable partnered with Aurum Cantus and Benchmark. From Steve Rocklin of Enjoy The Music: “…a memorable sound… fast, precise, and nice harmonics.”

Capital Audiofest 2017

  • From Art Dudley of Stereophile: “…the ARCH seem to make the music sound richer and more present, and a little more dynamically nuanced.”
  • From Gary Alan Barker of “Gingko Audio was demonstrating the amazing effects of their ARCH (Acoustic Resolution Clarifier) isolation feet.”
  • From natureboy of Audio Circle: “…standout room – Salk – Wells Audio – Exogal DAC – Danacables – Gingko Audio ARCH treatments.”

RMAF 2017

Gingko Audio partnered with Audiophile-Direct to produce a budget sound room featuring Aurum Cantus speakers and Danacables. Show coverage included:

  • From Herb Reichert of Stereophile:
    “The $5000 room was all about the excellent Aurum Cantus Melody M-103 SE loudspeakers ($1800/pair) and their ribbon tweeters; the VPI Cliffwood turntable ($895); and the 80Wpc Music Hall a30.3 integrated amplifier ($995)—and, last but not least, the cables by Dana Cable (marketed exclusively by Gingko Audio). Appropriate $5K room adjectives: fast, clean, easy, free moving, danceable, with life and bustle; and obviously a genuine perfectionist system.”
  • From Audio Bacon:
    “Aurum Cantus Melody M-103 SE ($1,800/pair) with Ginkgo Audio Super-ARCHs ($399). One of the better sounding setups at the show with a total system value of only $5,000. Superbly free-flowing, creamy rich vocals, weighty bass without interfering with the rapid rhythms. Like the Spendor + Hugo 2 setup, I was surprised and delighted by the price/performance ratio of the Aurum Cantus.”
  • From Enjoy The Music: “Music Hall electronics, Aurum Cantus M103SE speakers ($1800 per pair) and a variety of DanaCables round out RMAF 2017’s very special $5000 audio system. … For a mere $5000 this is one heckofa system. Bass was full sounding, with the highs being fast and extended. Yet on voice… oh yes my friends, female vocals were smooth and glorious. Me likeeee for the priceee.”

Gingko Audio’s ARCHs were featured in the Wyred 4 Sound room, as well as in the Vehement Audio and Channel Island Audio rooms.

Danacable was showing the now-famous A/B headphone cable demo.

LAAS 2017

Gingko Audio and Danacable showed the ARCH demo and Headphones demo at The LA Audio Show in June.


Gingko Audio and Danacable partnered with Salk Sound, Wells Audio, and Exogal DAC, to rave reviews by the audio press. Here are a few samples:

  • From Jason Victor Serinus at Stereophile: “… the sound was so good that nothing, not even music so frequently aired that it has become an audiophile cliché, could steal the joy.”
  • From Dave Hansen at Enjoy the Music: “And for 1/7 of the price of the monster Mark Levinson and Revel Ultima system mentioned above, I think I would likely be just as happy with this budget-priced synergistic gem at the end of the day.”
  • From Mr. Eric Neff at Hi-Fi+: “Sound was precise and full.”
  • From Clement Perry of Stereo Times: “…fabulous resolution and exquisite three-dimensionality that was evident through a variety of musical genre.”

RMAF 2016

Danacable again teamed up with Audiophile-Direct and Wells Audio to rave reviews by Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile and Home Theater Shack. We also conducted an A/B demo comparing stock cables for headphones and Danacable Lazulis. This demo marked the world premiere of the DanaTone™ Head-Space headphones amplifier and the Lazuli Reference cable, both of which garnered kudos from Steven Rochlin and Dave Hanson of Enjoy the Music.

Capital Audiofest 2016

As captured by AV Showrooms, we conducted an A/B cable demo that compared stock cables for headphones vs. Danacable Lazulis.

T.H.E Show Newport 2016

We provided Danacables to a showcase of Aurum Cantus speakers that also included our usual partner, Wells Audio. The showcase garnered a High-End Audio Best Value from Enjoy the Music: “My listening notes say the music sounded very smooth and all day listenable. It is the type of sound you can sit back, relax and bask within the lovingly transparent highs and soothing deep bass as the midrange washes over your soul. Deeee-lish! And considering the very reasonable price of the powerful Wells Audio Majestic integrated amplifier, excellent quality Melody M-102SE three-way floorstanding tower speakers and superb Dana Cables… this is a great combo!”

Steve Lefkowicz of Positive Feedback wrote: “This room was sounding rich, full, powerful and just generally beautiful.”


The combo of Salk Song 3 speakers (a world premiere), Wells Audio Majestic integrated amp (also a world premiere), Danacables, and Lampizator DAC was mentioned as a one of the “lower-priced standouts” by Jason Victor Serinus in his AXPONA’s Successful Close post on Stereophile. The combo’s sound was well received:

  • From Enjoy the Music: “Wells Audio and DanaCables joined forces at AXPONA 2016, with an AXPONA premiere of the Wells Audio Majestic ($3499) playing sweet music to my ears.”
  • From Jason Victor Serinus at Stereophile: “… my Best Buy system for Day 1 of the show. The sound was extremely clear, smooth, and lovely. Not only was it closer to neutral than many systems I encountered on day 1, but it was also amazingly communicative.”
  • From Mr. Eric Neff at Hi-Fi+: “The sound was effortless and engaging even though the new Salk speakers had exactly 2 hours of break in when I sat down. This was a truly high value room!”
  • From John Stancavage at Part-Time Audiophile: “Indeed, for the money it would be hard to improve on the sound offered. The system especially excelled at soundstaging and high frequency air, while the midrange also was well-integrated.”

Capital Audiofest 2015

Scott Hull of Part-Time Audiophile gave the Best in Show vote to the room with Salk speakers, Wells amp, Lampizator DAC, and Danacables, with the following review: “Natural, nuanced and engaging – maybe the best sound I’ve heard from a Salk; here paired with Lampizator, DanaCable, and Wells Audio. This was one of my favorite rooms at CAF this year, and another contender for Best in Show.”

T.H.E Show Newport 2015

The room with Danacables, Salk speakers, Wells Audio amp, and Lampizator DAC again got an Audio Oasis Award from David Robinson of Positive Feedback: “…a wonderfully transparent, dynamic, and detailed audio presentation, one that was a pleasant interlude for me.”


David Robinson of Positive Feedback gave an Audio Oasis Award to the room with Danacable, Wells Audio, Gingko Audio, and Lampizator: “Clear and transparent presentation of the music; superior detail; great dynamics; and a full-range feel in a small room.”