Vibration Control Solutions – A Holistic Approach

Gingko Audio has been developing vibration control products since 2000, from the award-winning Cloud 11 platform, which has been on Stereophile’s Recommended Components list since 2004, to the patented ARCH (Acoustic Resolution Clarifiers).

Our Vibration Control Solutions (VCS) Toolkit represents our best knowledge to date about vibration control and provides a comprehensive solution to mitigate vibrations across a range of audio components.


A typical audio system consists of four major types of components: Loudspeakers, amplification, source, and accessories (cables, racks, power conditioning, etc.). We find that vibration affects each type of component differently and, hence, requires different mitigation approaches.

In the remainder of this article, we will cover each type of component in the order in which vibration should be mitigated – starting with loudspeakers and progressing up the chain toward source components.


With its curved shape and wood based material, the Speaker ARCH can flex minutely to channel vertical vibration from the loudspeaker in the horizontal direction, reducing the vibration coming back to the loudspeaker. The edges of the ARCH minimizes contact with the floor while providing a rigid base for the loudspeaker.

If the user wants to keep the speaker’s spike, the tip of the spike can rest in the brass insert that comes with the Speaker ARCH. Alternatively, the ARCH can be fitted with a proper threaded stud to secure it directly to the cabinet.

The Speaker ARCH come in two thicknesses: Each 1/2″ ARCH can support up to 30 lbs.; thus, a set of four can support speakers weighing up to 120 lbs. Each 5/8″ ARCH can support up to 50 lbs.; a set of four of these thicker ARCHs can support weighing up to 200 lbs. Contact us at for speakers weighing more than 200 lbs.


For amplifiers and preamps, especially tube types, vibration control must cover the complete audio frequency spectrum. We find that the Cloud22 reduces noise from 20Hz to 20 KHz, resulting in a blacker background and clearer, more transparent sound.

The Cloud22 bases come in two sizes: A set of four small bases can support components weighing up to 60 lbs. A set of four large bases can support components weighing up to 120 lbs. For an unobtrusive, more elegant look, the Cloud22 platform can be placed over the bases.


Analog sources (turntables or tape players) are susceptible to lower frequency vibrations including footfalls. The amplitudes of low bass signals can shake the stylus in record grooves, causing smeared sound. Footfalls can cause the stylus to jump. The Cloud 11 platform is particularly effective at treating these lower frequency vibrations.

The Cloud 11 fits a wide variety of turntable designs, from rigid and heavy plinths to suspended plinths, and can be placed directly under the turntable’s plinth or under footers. The number and positioning of balls in the Cloud 11 help to both support and balance the turntable. Each Cloud 11 ball holds 10 lbs. optimally. By adding or subtracting balls, one can “tune” the sound: Adding balls makes the suspension stiffer, for more dynamics; subtracting balls makes the suspension softer, for a richer and fuller sound.

Digital sources (CD players, streamers, or DACs) can also suffer from vibration negatively affecting the sound, from shaking the CD/DVD transport to creating back EMF in the wirings. We find that our Mini-ARCHs work effectively under digital components, especially lighter components weighing less than 20 lbs. For heavier digital components, the Equipment ARCH can hold up to 200 lbs.

Equipment ARCHs also work well under amplifiers and preamps. We suggest you try them, in addition to the Cloud22, to decide which you prefer.


For accessories (cables, racks, stands, power conditioning equipment), there is no hard and fast rules on which vibration control device works best since. We do offer Cable ARCHs to raise cables off the ground and reduce statics and noise signals from the floor or carpet.

Equipment ARCHs are also excellent under racks and stands (the same way they are under speakers) and under power conditioners (the same way as under other electronic equipment).

Using Cloud22 Balls with Classic Cloud Platforms

Since 2000, we have sold thousands of Cloud products, from Cloud 9 to Cloud 14 to Mini-Clouds and Semi-Clouds.
These classic Cloud products use the standard 1.875″ rubber balls. You can simply replace the rubber balls with Cloud22 wool balls. The optimal weight load for the wool balls is the same 10 lbs. per ball as is the case with the rubber balls.

We find that the wool balls add dynamics to the sound, especially in the all-important mid-range frequencies. The music seems more lively and engaging. This can “wake up” a reticent-sounding system. We recommend that you experiment with them to find your preference.

Most of all, enjoy the music!