Gingko Audio’s ARCH Featured Over the Years

Since its introduction in 2017, Gingko Audio’s ARCH (Acoustic Resonance Clarifier) has been featured in many rooms at the largest audio shows, as well as smaller settings such as popup audio demos. Click on each image in the gallery (or in the slide show below) and follow the embedded link to read the original show reports.

Cloud22 Wool Ball Promotion for Cloud Platform Owners

The new Cloud22 wool balls are direct replacements for the classic Cloud rubber balls. Just like the rubber balls, each Cloud22 wool ball has an optimum load of 10 Lbs.

The Cloud22 balls bring out the magical mid-range sound in your Cloud platform and provide more platform stability. As noted in our white paper on the performance of Cloud22 bases, “when compressed under load, the wool fibers turn vibration energy into heat. The inert structure and composition of wool do not have a natural resonance that can add spurious vibration and smear the sound. The background noise across the audio band is greatly reduced. A lower noise floor helps to separate individual parts of the recording. Listening tests indicate a more expansive and pinpointed soundstage. The music is livelier, with more dynamics in the mid-range, tighter bass, and extension in the top frequencies. The clarity in the music makes lyrics on some recordings more discernable.”

Until September 30, 2023, use the discount code cloudowner at check out when you buy the wool balls and get a special price of $4 per ball (MSRP is $7 each), plus Fedex 2-day shipping for a flat rate of $15 in continental USA. Check with us by emailing for international shipping costs.

Gingko Audio at AXPONA 2023

Gingko Audio will be at AXPONA 2023, which will be held from April 14 through April 16, 2023, at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Our exhibit will feature our newest product, the Vibration Control System (VCS) Toolkit, and include a live demo. Click on the video link below for a preview.

We plan to have a Show Special sale on VCS Toolkit products for AXPONA attendees. Write us at for details of the Show Special sale if you cannot attend CAF. The Show Special sale is good until April 23.

Watch the YouTube video on VCS Products by Thomas & Stereo:

YouTube Video on VCS Products by Thomas & Stereo

Gingko Audio’s VCS Toolkit – A Holistic Approach to Vibration Control

Since 2000, Gingko Audio has introduced many vibration control products, from the Classic Cloud Platforms that have been on Stereophile’s Recommended Components List since 2004, to the patented Acoustic Resonance Clarifiers (ARCHs), to the latest Cloud22 products. All these products represent a complete portfolio of solutions to possible vibrations problems that negatively affect the sound quality.

Besides numerous positive reviews on audio magazines over the years, below are videos demonstrating how to use Gingko Audio vibration control products.

YouTube Video from Thomas & Stereo on VCS Toolkit
Gingko Audio’s VCS Toolkit Demo
How to Install Gingko Audio’s Cloud Platform

Special Edition Cloud22 Bases

Following the successful introduction of the Vibration Control System (VCS) Toolkit, we are offering a special edition of the Large Cloud22 Bases made of wood for a warmer, more musical sound, compared to bases made of acrylic. These Special Edition Large Cloud22 Bases will be available for US$ 159 a set through the end of August.

Tests to measure the performance of the Cloud22 Base are discussed in our White Paper on Performance of Cloud22 Base. The Cloud22 Base has also been reviewed by John Zurek in Gingko Audio Vibration Control Solution (VCS) Toolkit – Part 2, Positive Feedback, Issue 121, June 2022.

Gingko Audio Introduces VCS Toolkit

Gingko Audio has been developing vibration control products since 2000, from the award-winning Cloud 11 platform, which has been on Stereophile’s Recommended Components list since 2004, to the patented ARCH (Acoustic Resolution Clarifier).

For 2022, we are introducing our newest solution, the Cloud22™, which uses wool as a vibration control material.  The Cloud22 bases complement the classic Cloud 11 platforms and, together with the ARCHs, provide a comprehensive Vibration Control Solution (VCS) to mitigate much of the vibrations affecting an audio system’s performance.

The Cloud22 bases are available in sets of four, in two sizes: Small Cloud22 Bases for amplification components weighing up to 60 lbs.; Large Cloud22 Bases for amplification components weighing up to 120 lbs. They can also be purchased as part of a VCS Toolkit that includes ARCH products for speakers, digital source components, power conditioners, and other audio equipment:

VCS ToolkitComponents
Starter VCS Toolkit4 Small Cloud22 Bases
8 Mini-ARCHs
8 Equipment/Speaker ARCHs, 1/2″ thick
Premium VCS Toolkit8 Small Cloud22 Bases
12 Mini-ARCHs
12 Equipment/Speaker ARCHs, 1/2″ thick

For a discussion of how components in the VCS Toolkit can mitigate vibration in audio systems, go to our Vibration Control Solutions – A Holistic Approach article under Technology. Vibration tests to measure the performance of the ARCHs are discussed in the White Paper on ARCH Performance. Tests to measure the performance of the Cloud22 Base are discussed in the White Paper on Performance of Cloud22 Base.

The VCS Toolkit has also been recently reviewed on HiFiAudio Guru and on Positive Feedback:

The Bottom Line

As an introductory offer, through June 30, 2022, the Starter VCS Toolkit can be purchased for $499 (instead of $599) and the Premium VCS Toolkit for $749 (instead of $899).

We at Gingko Audio are fond of saying “the BEST vibration control devices are the ones you can return if they don’t work for you!” That is why we are the only vibration control manufacturer providing a 30-day money back, no questions asked guarantee.  So the cost of trying is small, typically only about 10% of the product prices.  We only ask that you return them in undamaged conditions and pay for shipping and bank charges we incurred on your behalf. 

Gingko Audio Introduces New ARCH Products

Built on the patented ARCH design and made of layers of maple, the Equipment and Speaker ARCH offers a number of improvements over the previous product line.

  • The smooth-layered maple material has superior vibration control performance and is conducive to high-quality finishes.
  • The larger curvature yields a lower profile while extending the weight loading range: The 1/2″ thick model can support loads of up to 25 lbs. per ARCH; the 5/8″ thick model can support loads of up to 50 lbs. per ARCH. Lighter equipment and speakers (under 15 lbs.) can continue to use the Mini-ARCH.

The 1/2″ thick Equipment and Speaker ARCH is available at $159 for a set of four in a standard black finish; the 5/8″ thick model is available at $179. The product comes with stainless steel M6 bolts, washers, and nuts for convenient replacement of M6 spikes under speakers, at an additional $20. Contact us at for custom sizes of speaker spike threads.

Gingko Audio Introduces Cable ARCH

Cable ARCH Product Line

Built on the patented ARCH design and made of layers of maple, the Cable ARCH offers superior performance as cable lifters for high-end audio systems. The modular implementation allows for three usage options.

  1. No insert – the cable rests directly on the slot provided in the ARCH base.
  2. The cushioning tube is placed in the slot, and the cable rests perpendicularly on the tube.
  3. The wood dowel is inserted into the cushioning tube, which is then placed in the slot; the cable rests perpendicularly on the tube.

The Cable ARCH is available in a standard black finish, at $249 for a set of four. Special finishes (mahogany, cherry, natural, white) are available at $299 for a set of four; these finishes require a 3-week lead time.

Gingko Audio Sextet Introduced at Capital Audiofest to Rave Reviews

The Gingko Audio Sextet was introduced at the Capital Audiofest in Rockville, Maryland, in November 2019. Here are some first impressions from show attendees:

“This was a masterful demo; one that clearly demonstrated why you need the extension provided by a full range speaker or a well-mated satellite/subwoofer system. It is not just deeper, more pitch defined, impactful bass, but the addition of the bloom and body, the more correct voicing, and the expansive space and dimensionality that it affords.”

Greg Weaver of Enjoy The Music

“There were two rooms running Ginko speakers and both systems were very good sounding. One was a $10,000 system running in one of the big rooms which sounded beautifully balanced, natural, and relaxed, without sounding lifeless. The small stand-mounted speaker in another room (I think it was $3,000) sounded very good too-very well balanced and natural sounding.”

— Larryi on Steve Hoffman Forum

“Gingko Audio had for me, the most realistic soundstage with their Sextet speakers that include 2 monitor speakers and 4 subs in a swarm arrangement. Excellent imaging, and the bass was spot on.”

— Rusty on Audio Circle

“Gingko audio had small speakers in a small room and bigger speakers in a big room. I only spent a small amount of time in each room, but they both accomplished the naturalness and dimensionality that hits me hardest when it’s there and leaves me least engaged when it’s not.”

— willsw on Super Best Audio Friends

Introducing Our Sextet Modular Speaker System

Sextet Speaker System - All Modules

Gingko Audio is proud to introduce the Sextet™ Modular Speaker System at the Capital Audiofest in Rockville, Maryland, on November 1-3, 2019. We will feature it in the Monroe room on the third floor.

The Sextet is a collaborative effort that builds upon the Tubulous™ technology from Gingko Audio, the Swarm™ from AudioKinesis, and unique cabinet construction from Salk Sound.


The Sextet can be configured to heighten the listener’s experience with a richer, fuller sound, with up to six components – monitor speakers, a variety of matching subwoofers, and stands:

  • The Monitor Speakers are built on Gingko Audio’s Tubulous™ technology and experience with the ClaraVu™ and Clarissa LE™ speakers.
  • Built on AudioKinesis’s Swarm Subwoofer System, the Powered Subwoofers incorporate a built-in amplifier and digital crossover to match the Sextet Monitors.
  • The Primary and Outboard Passive Subwoofers (up to four units) can be driven by an external sub amplifier in various configurations to suit the room’s acoustics.
  • The Dedicated Stands are designed for the Sextet Monitors and can be weighted with sand or lead shots for added stability and vibration control.

All Sextet subs and stands incorporate Gingko Audio’s patented ARCH Acoustic Resonance Clarifiers for vibration control and leveling on all kinds of floors.

System Configurations

Sextet 2Two Sextet monitors$4995
Sextet 2+2Two Sextet monitors and two dedicated stands$5795
Sextet 4.1Two Sextet monitors, two primary subs, outboard sub amplifier$7495
Sextet 4.2Two Sextet monitors, two powered subs$7495
Sextet 6.1Two Sextet monitors, two primary subs, two outboard subs, outboard sub amplifier$8995
Sextet 6.2Two Sextet monitors, two powered subs, two outboard subs$8995
Sextet Swarm 2One powered sub with built-in amp and one passive outboard sub$2000
Sextet Swarm 2 Plus Two powered subs$2500
Sextet Swarm 4 Four passive subs (two primary and two outboard) driven by one external amplifier$4000

All prices are for standard walnut, cherry, and matte black finishes. Other custom finishes are available at extra costs (contact us at for details).