Gingko Audio

Gingko Audio was founded in 2000 with a simple mission – to delight customers in the high-end audio market with high performance-to-price products. Our product line consists of patented vibration control solutions, award-winning speaker systems, and dust covers. Our products have been reviewed extensively and have received many accolades by the audio press.

Our dust covers and classic Cloud vibration control platforms (featuring our Platformula™ technology) are sold through a network of dealers in several countries, in addition to being featured in many high-end audio mail order websites such as Audio Advisor, Music Direct, Elusive Disc, Soundstage Direct, and Acoustic Sounds.

Our speakers and other Gingko Audio products, such as our Vibration Control Solutions (VCS) Toolkits, Acoustic Resonance Clarifiers (ARCH), and Cloud22 bases, are sold direct through our web site. We also sell Danacables through a sister website,

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak’s impact on international shipping, we have suspended online orders for addresses outside of the US. Contact us at for an estimate of delivery time and shipping cost.

Please note that in addition to PayPal we now accept payments via credit cards.


  • ClaraVu 7 Mk3 Modular Speaker System
    ClaraVu 7 Mk3 Modular Speaker System
  • Vibration Control Solution (VCS) Tookit